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3 ways to maintain your acrylic sign boards and extend the durability

Author: Universe     Publish Time: 29-04-2022      Origin: www.universeacrylic.com

3 ways to maintain your acrylic sign boards and extend the durability

Universe was established in 1996, specializing in the production of acrylic end-products. We provide supplies for international branded companies. Universe has 15 years of exporting experience, we provide a one-stop experience for our customers, including wholesalers and distributors.

There are a variety of styles of acrylic signs on the market. The material of acrylic itself has the characteristics of relatively bright, colorful, smooth, high light transmittance, anti-corrosion effect, and strong stability.

There are many kinds of processing techniques, so the production methods of acrylic in the later stage are very diverse. Because the product is unique and economical after the acrylic sign is made, acrylic has now become one of the main materials for making signs, no matter how high-quality signs are.

It is impossible to last the signs board without maintenance. But does anyone knows, how to maintain the acrylic signs board?

Maintenance Precautions for acrylic identification signs:

Angled Sign Holder

Avoid allocating heavy objects:

Avoid placing heavy items on the acrylic sign, especially the bent V shape acrylic sign and angled sign holder. If the force is too heavy, the acrylic sign will break.

Keep the acrylic sign away from heat:

The maximum temperature that acrylic can withstand is 80 degrees Celsius, and the heat distortion temperature is 100 degrees Celsius. So once the temperature is too high, the acrylic sign will be deformed. Thus, the acrylic sign should avoid being used in places where the temperature is too high.

Cleanse and maintenance:

The appearance of acrylic signs is smooth.  Thus, during the later stage maintenance of acrylic signs will be very simple. Just wipe the acrylic sign with a soft wet towel, without using other cleaning agents or detergents.

During the process, if you found out that there are scratches on the surface of the acrylic sign, you can be wiped with a damp cloth first. If it cannot be removed, you can choose to use plastic scratchers remover. Or just choose a non-obvious scratch color for your acrylic signboard.

Acrylic Sign Board                                          

Universe allows you to customize your sign following is the process:

Contact Sales Personnel → Communicate Details → Design Proposal → Proofing →  Mass Production → Delivery

Universe Acrylic Sign Board Can be Used in:

Commercial Setting


Sales Office

Hospital Setting

Scenic Spots

Office Building


School Setting

In a nutshell, choosing Universe as your first choice will be a decision you never regret. We provide premium acrylic end-product. The durability will be extended. Get a free quotation now!


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