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5 Top acrylic plastic decorations for commercially used – hotel edition

Author: Unis     Publish Time: 18-04-2022      Origin: www.universeacrylic.com

5 Top acrylic plastic decorations for commercially used – hotel edition

We are Universe, in the acrylic plastic production industry for more than 26 years. Welcoming bulk, wholesale, distribution, and long-term partnership purchases. We also provide logos, and brand name printing services. Contact us today to learn more! Look no further than our selection of flower acrylic holders, acrylic candle holders, and acrylic vases.

All our products are made from 100% virgin acrylic materials. our products are durable and perfect for a variety of settings, from hospitals and restaurants to hotels and department stores.

These products are not ranked:

Transparent acrylic isolation plate1

Clear acrylic barrier

As Covid 19 is present, we need to protect our customers’ and employees’ safety. We need a barrier to prevent virus transmission. With this transparent acrylic barrier, we are able to meet our customers face-to-face and at the same time protect ourselves.

Removable acrylic T-type display board

Clear plexiglass menu

This clear acrylic menu stand can be used in hotel restaurants, indicating a special menu for the day or a new dish intro. It is a useful display to use in your hotel too. To acknowledge your customers’ information which they need to know.

3 consecutive pumping boxesSquare Acrylic Paper Box (2)

Acrylic Tissue boxes

These are the two types of acrylic tissue boxes, you can choose from, or even customized your own. There are over 200 colors for you to choose from, pick the one you like. We also can provide tissue and shower utility boxes with drawers. To provide your customer with a wonderful experience in your hotel. Universe provides printing logos services too, for all of over products.

Fluorescent green office storage rack

Transparent acrylic holder

This transparent PMMA holder can use in your hotel rooms to allocate the hotel restaurant menu. This is for customers to make orders in the hotel room conveniently. And provide some note pad and stationeries for your customers.

Transparent pattern custom acrylic tray

Tea break acrylic tray

This transparent acrylic tray can be used to serve dishes and also buffet desserts. It looks clean and elegant suiting your hotel standard. For all these products, if you have any other design ideas, we can also produce a sample for you.

Universe will be a company to never regret working with us for the long term. Providing high-quality optimized acrylic plastic products. We look forward to having you on our journey. We have great experience in exporting our products worldwide. Contact us now, for free quotations.


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