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Acrylic Accessories Holders Video

Author: Universe     Publish Time: 12-05-2022      Origin: www.universeacrylic.com

Acrylic Accessories Holders Video

Universe acrylic box products are needed in our normal daily life. It comes with a lot of benefits, durability, impact resistance, and lightweight. Our products are made of premium acrylic sheets, giving you a wonderful user experience. We welcome large quantities of purchases, like wholesalers, bulk purchases, and distributors.

1.       Anti-dust

As it comes with a protector which covers our new and elegant earrings, necklaces, and rings. So, it had effective illuminate the dust of getting or landing on your beloved accessories.

2.      Able to glance through

As it is transparent in color, it will provide you with a glance-through ability. So that is no need for you to pull out the drawer if your needed item is not in the holder. The transparency of the material is up to 94%, which enables you to see clearly.

3.      Tidy

As we all know, necklaces and dangling earrings are prone to get messy, and difficult to arrange neatly. So, this acrylic accessory box can solve your problem. With the acrylic box, you can save your time unknotting the necklaces.

4.      Great for Display and Organizing

You can organize your earrings pair by pair, so it is neat and easily gotten. With the hanging holes, it makes things easy for you to get and put back on the rack. 

Contact our consultants on this products, they will provide you with more information. 

In conclusion, this transparent acrylic accessory holder can be used in department stores and also in your home, giving you a tidy space to rest in. Universe is in the industry since 1996, with rich experience in exporting goods. Get your quotations now!


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