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Acrylic plastic protector for artwork

Author: Unis     Publish Time: 25-04-2022      Origin: www.universeacrylic.com

Acrylic plastic protector for artwork

Large acrylic framing protector

Universe leading brand of acrylic end products, we welcome large quantities of products purchases. Including commercial use and also distributors and wholesalers over the world for short or long-term partnerships.

Are you not satisfied with the traditional framing and art piece protector? Continue reading this article, to find out more about Universe Products. Protect your priceless art pieces with Acrylic Products and get your quotation now.

No matter, whether you are holding an artwork gallery at the museum, all a photography showcase. You will not want your artwork to be damaged by any incident. So, protect them with an acrylic plastic protector produced by Universe.

You can make an order with your needed length and width. We can customize it for you specially. Our acrylic is optimal with high transparency. So that you can view the art piece clearly.

You can choose acrylic with UV protection so that your artwork will not discolor. It is scratch resistance, furthermore, it is lightweight. So, it will be easy for you to hang on the wall and not too heavy, and cause dropping.

  • High Coverage of UV Protection

  • Higher Impact Resistance than Glass

  • Outstanding quality towards exposure to sunlight and extreme weather

  • Acrylic will not turn yellow, we used high-quality 100% virgin acrylic

Protect your cherished art piece with Universe Acrylic. We are able to provide a variety of sizing to meet your needs or your customers’ needs.

Universe is a company established in 1996, specializing in customized acrylic products for our customers providing high standard acrylic end products. We are experienced in exporting our products worldwide. We hope to receive your inquiries soon.


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