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Best way to organize your sneakers collection

Author: Unis     Publish Time: 17-03-2022      Origin: www.universeacrylic.com

Our company, Universe provides the best solution to keep our sneakers collections, we have been producing clear acrylic sneakers boxes that can be customized. In this article, we are sharing some storage tips with you. Storing your shoes in good condition. We have been in the market since 1996, providing a full range of acrylic boxes and containers.

How does a sneakerhead keep its collection of sneakers?

Shoe box with lid

If you are a sneakerhead, you might have a headache trying to keep your beloved sneakers in their best condition. Clear, anti-dust, and do not turn them yellowish. As a sneakerhead, you have plenty of shoes, thus, you need a place to organize them accordingly.


If you are a collector of sneakers and sell them later, you are a good investor. As it is limited, special editions collaborate with sports stars, for example, Air Jordan collections. The prices inflate when they are out of stock.

Keeping them in the shoebox is not the right choice, cardboard shoe boxes absorb moisture in our air. The Universe acrylic boxes are your best choice, we provide different sizes of shoe acrylic boxes, it is fully transparent. You can look at your shoes whenever you are free. It gives you a sense of achievement. These acrylic shoe boxes' outer layer can be glued. You can paste them on the walls.

Tips for Sneakers storage

1. You should clear them regularly with a dry clean cloth if you are not wearing them.

2. Avoid using abrasive, harsh cleaners. It may damage our sneakers.

3. You will need a shoe tree to maintain the shapes and prevent creased toes.

4. After wearing your sneakers, use a certified cleanser for our shoes.

5. Lastly, try not to soak our sneakers in water or wash them in the washing machine. It will loosen the glue, resulting in irreversible damage to our sneakers.

In conclusion, we need an excellent place to store our beloved sneakers, thus make an order with your friends from Universe. We are professional in all acrylic boxes, if you are interested, get a quotation now.


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