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Customize your oversize acrylic frames for office spaces and homes

Author: Unis     Publish Time: 27-04-2022      Origin: www.universeacrylic.com

Customize your oversize acrylic frames for office spaces and homes

Choose Universe Large Acrylic Frames, which we established in 1996. We are specialized in the production of acrylic decoration products. Welcome partnerships from all industries and wholesalers. Our company has been exporting our products worldwide for 15 years.

Large acrylic framing

For Graphics and Photography

You can customize the non-glaring acrylic panel to display large graphics and photographs. The crystal acrylic edges will be polished and offset mounted to walls using standoff. It creates the visual impact that the frames are floating off the wall. The standoff also allows easy and quick insert of updates.

We provide hole drilling service too at Universe. So, you can reduce your steps to set up the large non-glaring acrylic frame.

First Step: Pick up an acrylic sheet

Select your needed sizes and thickness (office) and for your customers (wholesalers are welcome).

Second Step: Universe will drill a hole for your acrylic sheet

You can choose the area to drill the hole. Just by notifying our customer service consultant, she or he will give you suggestions on the hole drill parts.

Third Step: Receive and add a photo to your acrylic

Make sure you clean the acrylic before pasting your pictures. Use a small piece of scotch tape on the bottom layer of the acrylic to hold your photos in place.

Fourth Step: Drill Holes Into the Wall

Mark the spots according to the acrylic sheet holes. Make sure it is aligned and straight. Or you can trace the hole by holding the acrylic sheet. Repeat the step four times.

Final Step: Finally Installation

Repeat these processes to set up your photo walls with Universe.

Universe is a company that provides premium products, which are 100% acrylic. It is a trustable company that you won’t want to miss. We are looking forward to your message.


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