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How to display your beauty counter with acrylic products?

Author: Universe     Publish Time: 19-05-2022      Origin: www.universeacrylic.com

How to display your beauty counter with acrylic products?

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Universe is a company producing acrylic products, we have 26 years of experience in the plastic industry. We specialized in exporting our premium acrylic products worldwide. All our products are selling at an attractive price.

  1. Consistent theme to display your products

    A consistent display design can enhance the tidiness of your company’s skincare counter to our customers. Give your customers positive vibes about the branding. To increase the percentage of purchasing your items.

    This will give a positive first impression of your brand and draw attention to your counter. Universe acrylic can assist you to design the counter holder for you. Providing customized services to design your counter specially for you.

  2. Less is more

    As we all know, there are many types of cosmetics, if you placed all the products cram together. Your potential customers may feel the chaos and messy on the counter display.

    It is recommended to space up the displaying counter providing more blanks on the counter. This is the meaning of the less is the more. Your target audience can catch what you are trying to tell throughout the display.

    Universe can provide designed holes on the displaying acrylic sheet to fit in the cosmetics products.

  3. Arrange accordingly

    When you have a special, popular, or latest product, it is important to choose a central place for this particular product. For example, right at the center, light is shone on it, or the most obvious areas.

  4. When considering a new store

    Especially in a mall, calculating customer traffic is important. But most importantly is the cosmetic display. Your acrylic display stand should be tailored and controlled according, which will not affect the aisle and block the traffic.

To conclude, Universe is a company you will not want to miss. We provide wonderful before, and after-sales for all our customers. Get a free quotation now!


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