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New Release: 3 Top Acrylic Products to Arrange Your Skincare Products

Author: Unis     Publish Time: 06-05-2022      Origin: www.universeacrylic.com

New Release: 3 Top Acrylic Products to Arrange Your Skincare Products

Universe provides all types of acrylic end products that are ready for use. We welcome large quantities of orders, accepting all kinds of businesses partnership. Our Universe products use high quality, which is 100% acrylics.

You know that your customers need storage boxes, but you are not sure which brands to get your order or supply from. Choose Universe as your first choice, we provide premium acrylic end products. Furthermore, we provide customization services, by just providing us with a photo or sketch. We will design your order for you.

Following, I will be introducing some designed products that we provide, which you can order directly or get some ideas to design your products.

Products do not come with an order

Black Acrylic Butterfly Box

Black Acrylic Butterfly Box

This black acrylic butterfly box comes with 3 golden butterflies, which gives a creative and lively look to the box. The golden locks make the design elegant and premium. With this box, your customers can use it to store their bottled skincare products that are not in use or new ones. With the black color opaque box, it can effectively avoid sunlight exposure. Sunlight may disaffect or damage the skincare products’ active and effective ingredients. It was anti-dust too, keeping their things clean inside the box. Thus, this opaque butterfly box will be your perfect choice.

Clear Makeup and Skincare Storage Box

Clear Makeup and Skincare Storage Box

Consider your customers will need a place to store their skincare and makeup. This transparent makeup and skincare storage box is a perfect choice for them to allocate their needed skincare and makeup. With just a glance, they will know where their products are, easy to get and use the skincare products. If you prefer other colors, we can also arrange the order for you. The makeup storage box had a large capacity for your customers’ to organize their things on/in it.

Black-colored box with Transparent Lid

Black-colored box with Transparent Lid

This black-colored box allows your customers to store not only makeup products. They can also store their accessories. The transparent lids allow your customers to glance through, to select their needed items easily. Universe provides two sizes for you to choose from, both are popular in the market. The flat one is suitable for powder, cream, and small accessories and the tall ones are suitable for all skincare products. But it also depends on your customer preference, get both boxes to secure all types of customers.

These are all our new release products, contact our customer service expert for more information.

In a nutshell, Universe will be the best choice for you and your customers. We were established in 1996 and have 15 years of experience in exporting our products worldwide. All our raw materials are from the parent company Jinbao, it is a trusted company providing 100% virgin acrylic boards.


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