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Types of acrylic boxes

Author: Unis     Publish Time: 22-04-2022      Origin: www.universeacrylic.com

Types of acrylic boxes 

If you are interested in acrylic boxes, then talk to our customer service experts. You can find more information on ideas and customize your design with Universe. We welcome all kinds of ideas, that we can try and error to create your very own acrylic products.

Now, let me share about the products we provide currently:

5-Sided Clear Acrylic Boxes

5-sided boxes are very popular for commercial and home uses, which include bins, pedestals to allocate artwork, and jewelry displays. As it is impact resistance, thus it can provide your store from the thief, especially for jewelry shops.

This clear acrylic box is also fantastic for aquariums, museums, and fashion houses, as acrylic is impact resistant, waterproof, and shatter-resistant. It can take the underwater pressure. We will guide you on the thickness accordingly.

Universe can provide these products in all sizes and over 200 colors, chosen according to your desired needs.

6 Sided Acrylic Boxes (With Base)

These boxes are suitable for displaying arts, and valuable or latest jewelry. One piece of art or bracelet allocates in one acrylic box. Unlike the 5-sided box, it cannot open at the side and top. But it could be open from the base lid of the acrylic box.

Normally, the base colors will be darker, to provide greater contrast with your displaying products. At Universe, we can customize the products according to your design, or we can design for you.

Colored Acrylic boxes / Boxes with Lids

Acrylic storage box (2)

Covered boxes and uncovered boxes are the traditional type of boxes. We need it when storing and organizing our homes. With these boxes, your home will be a comfortable place to stay.

You can accordingly if you want to look through the box to see what is inside. So you can get your things easily and then choose transparent boxes. If not, colored ones will be the best option as you can hide your things.

In a nutshell, Universe is a leading company in the plastic industry, providing top standard acrylic products for all commercial and family uses. We have 15 years of exporting experience. Get the best price with our service expert now!


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