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Universe, your one-stop plastic shopping center for commercial use.

Author: Unis     Publish Time: 08-06-2022      Origin: www.universeacrylic.com

Universe, your one-stop plastic shopping center for commercial use.


Universe provides different types of plastic including acrylic sheets and PVC boards. They are of high quality, with attractive pricing. We provide customized services for your ordered materials.

We welcome all different businesses that need plastic products or sheets. For acrylic sheets, we used 100% virgin acrylic. Our star products are cast acrylic sheets. The cast acrylic is stronger and long-lasting as compared to the normal acrylic sheet.

This is due to the chemical process of cast acrylic sheets. They started from a substance named MMA, it is at a liquid stage. Through the process, it will be filled into two pieces of glass (the mold). After the process, PMMA is formed, with superior quality.

Universe can support all your needed quantities, as we have 3 factories, consisting of 35 production lines. Our monthly output is about 2,100 tons. The range of designed acrylic sheets, we provide includes the frost, glossy, rainbow, transparent, and colored cast acrylic sheets.

Universe acrylic sheets can reach 94% transmission, which is higher transparency than the others you can find in the market. We provide professional technical support. We will give recommendations on the thickness of acrylic sheets required for your projects.

In conclusion, we are your first choice one-stop center, providing you with outstanding services. We hope to receive your inquiries soon! Get started with Universe Plastic.


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